hara donuts originated at an old and authentic“Tofu”(Japanese bean curd) shop

We seek Master Franchisee, Area Developers and even a single unit operator with potential to grow with us. Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, hara donuts is ready to provide its overseas partners all support they will need. As successfully done in Korea, hara donuts has a full training program that is proven effective and short ( 10 days to 2 weeks).

Three business models are available

Depending upon budget, location or investor’s preference, we offer three different business models, Café Shop, Express Shop, and Kitchen Car (food truck). We are now seeking American partners, including Master Franchisee, Area Developers, and Single Unit Operators in NY and elsewhere.


A. hara express

This is our core business. With minimum space as small as 500 square feet, minimum kitchen facility and labor, you can simply keep frying and selling donuts non-stop every hour.


B. hara mobile

This hara version of food truck requires very low initial investment. With fryer, donut cutter and small kitchen equipment, each truck will feed 1,600 donuts/8 hours/day. Average daily sales per truck is $2,000 ~ $2,500.


C. hara cafe

This is our latest concept. Along with donuts and regular drinks, hara care serves a wide range of herb teas, original roll cakes, quiche, house-made soup and salad.