hara donuts originated at an old and authentic“Tofu”(Japanese bean curd) shop

our story

Without Hara Tofu shop, which Mrs. Hara in the photo started in 1968 in Kobe, hara donuts would not be what it is. We had clear vision of how our donuts ought to be made of, and soy pulp, by-product of tofu, was vital ingredient. Hara Tofu filled our needs.

our story

Hara Tofu keeps providing authentic, healthy and tasty soy bean products. With our respect for Mrs. Hara’s contribution and craftsmanship, we named our brand after her. Just like what Mrs. Hara has been practicing over nearly half a century, serving safe product is our pride.

hara donuts today

While maintaining the original spirit of serving healthy food inherited from Hara Tofu and Mrs. Hara, hara donuts has kept growing, running 40+ locations. We have expanded to Korean market by partnering with Master Franchisee in Soul city. They have successfully launched and operate today 5 locations.

hara donuts today not only runs donut shops, but food trucks, roll cake shops and a café restaurant as its latest business model.

We proudly report to you that all those locations and food truck operations are running very successfully.

our story